Monday, November 12, 2012

How to add Social media Buttoms to Blogger

Today im going to show how to add share or Follow button to your blogger blog.

Buttoms on Social Media

There are many ways to get share or follow buttons from social media one of them are in the own social media sites for exemple if you look for follow or share buttons on  Facebook you will find a page with  Facebook share and fullow buttoms where you can get their html code and post on your blog.

Buttoms on Addthis

Another way to get social media buttoms is on Addthis where you can get a big variety of Share andFollow buttons.

If you want Follow Buttons 1st you have to sign in on Addthis no e-mail or account confirmation is required so its just signing in.

Then you go to follow buttons and choose your tipe of site if it is website,blogger,wordpress,typepad,etc

Atencion:this doesnt work for dynamic views blogs.

ok now that you choose your type of site now you must put your facebook,twitter,google + , etc username.

After you completed it you must press get code then copied it and go to your website and copy paste the html code you get into where you wanna put it.

In Blogger you can put by going to layout, then press add a gadget, choose HTML javascript and copy paste the code you just got from addthis.

Now of course if you want to put share buttoms the process its the same only that this time you dont have to put you facebook,twitter,etc username.

Well that's it hope you like it and solve your problem if it dindn't contact me or comment bellow :)

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