Monday, November 12, 2012

How to add Adsense to Dynamic Views Blogs



More that 1 Million of people have add Dynamic Views into their Blogger Blog since it was released in 2011.

Now at the beggining Dyanamic Views Blog couldn´t support most of the gadgets and Adsense.

But now that Dynamic Views Blog have involved a bit more you can add a few new gadgets and now Adsense.

Ok now im going to tell you how to add Adsense to your Dynamic Blog.

1.Go to earnings tab and click on add Adsense.

2.Now click on create a new acount if you dont have a Adsense acount yet or click on link adsense acount  if you already have a Adsense acount.

3.Ok now you sucessusfly have integrate Adsense into your Blogger DV.

4.Now after you link your adsense acount to your blog go to earnings tab again and click on show ads.

Addicional tip: if your going to put Adsense in a DV Blog than choose the sidebar view this way you can have a ad in the right and on the bottom of your pages or posts.
Hope i help you any problem comment bellow so that i can help you i reply as soon as possible :)

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